Maryland's Defense Patent Database

The defense community in Maryland is an R&D powerhouse. Use this database to see the innovative patents that are poised for commercialization.

Data is provided by DoD Naval labs in Southern Maryland. Database funding supported by the DoD Office of Economic Adjustment through a Defense Industry Adjustment grant program.

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Patent Title Field Issue Date
Patent Title Field Issue Date
Modular linkers for conjugation of organic substances to substantially inorganic substances and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Biotechnology 2015-09-22
Applications of the binding interaction of proanthocyanidins with bacteria and bacterial components
Biotechnology 2014-05-06
Protein scaffolds and viral particles for detecting analytes
Biotechnology 2014-05-06
Control of protein activity using a conducting polymer
Biotechnology 2014-04-29
Cell and biofactor printable biopapers
Biotechnology 2014-03-11
High-throughput biological screening assay using voltage gradients
Biotechnology 2013-04-23
Modular functional peptides for the intracellular delivery of nanoparticles
Biotechnology 2013-04-02
Sheath flow device and method
Biotechnology 2013-03-19
Covalent attachment of peptides and biological molecules to luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals
Biotechnology 2013-02-19
Beta helical peptide structures stable in aqueous and non-aqueous media
Biotechnology 2012-08-21
Inorganic particle conjugates
Biotechnology 2012-06-05
Beta helical peptide structures stable in aqueous and non-aqueous media and methods for preparing same
Biotechnology 2012-04-24
Antibodies that bind
Biotechnology 2012-01-10
Biotechnology 2011-09-13
Method of controlling quantum dot photoluminescence and other intrinsic properties through biological specificity
Biotechnology 2010-12-28
Sugar-containing hydrogel for immobilization
Biotechnology 2010-08-31
Immobilization of oligonucleotides and proteins in sugar-containing hydrogels
Biotechnology 2010-08-31
Fluidic force discrimination
Biotechnology 2010-06-15
Multiplexed polymerase chain reaction for genetic sequence analysis
Biotechnology 2010-04-13
Neural stem cell-collagen-bioreactor system to construct a functional embryonic brain-like tissue
Biotechnology 2009-09-15
Microelectronic cell electroporation array
Biotechnology 2009-04-21
Method for making catalytic enzyme-modified textiles for active protection from toxins
Biotechnology 2009-03-10
Inorganic particle conjugates
Biotechnology 2008-12-30
Method of making bioactive catalytic material
Biotechnology 2008-03-25
Silica mesoporous aerogels having three-dimensional nanoarchitecture with colloidal gold-protein superstructures nanoglued therein
Biotechnology 2007-07-03
Aerosol particle analyzer for measuring an analyte in airborne particles
Biotechnology 2007-04-10
Method to preserve cells
Biotechnology 2006-12-19
Catalytic surfaces for active protection from toxins
Biotechnology 2006-06-27
Chemically specific patterning on solid surfaces using surface immobilized enzymes
Biotechnology 1999-12-14