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The defense community in Maryland is an R&D powerhouse. Use this database to see the innovative patents that are poised for commercialization.

Data is provided by DoD Naval labs in Southern Maryland. Database funding supported by the DoD Office of Economic Adjustment through a Defense Industry Adjustment grant program.

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Digital communication

Patent Title Field Issue Date
Patent Title Field Issue Date
Ultra-wideband frequency position modulation using nonlinear compressed sensing
Digital communication 2015-12-08
Information transmitter with variable pulse width encoding
Digital communication 2014-11-18
System and method for radio-frequency fingerprinting as a security layer in RFID devices
Digital communication 2014-08-19
Method for optimal transmitter placement in wireless mesh networks
Digital communication 2014-02-18
Method for identifying and blocking embedded communications
Digital communication 2013-05-14
Secure key distribution using sequential weak values
Digital communication 2013-03-05
Method and apparatus for secure digital communications using chaotic signals
Digital communication 2013-02-26
Retransmission switch box
Digital communication 2012-05-29
Prioritizing resource utilization in multi-thread computing system
Digital communication 2009-04-14
Multiple-buffer queueing of data packets with high throughput rate
Digital communication 2007-11-27
Systems and methods for providing increased computer security
Digital communication 2006-12-12
Multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS) with rapid fault recovery capability
Digital communication 2004-01-13
Multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS) with hot swappable boards
Digital communication 2003-09-30
Method for eliminating synchronized clocks in distributed routing approaches that are dependent on temporal ordering of events
Digital communication 2003-09-30
Latency verification system within a multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS)
Digital communication 2003-06-17
Multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS) under unified control
Digital communication 2003-02-25
Method for hosting the internet protocol suite on the IEEE-1394 high speed serial bus
Digital communication 2003-02-18
Multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS) having an internal universal signal format
Digital communication 2002-07-30
Method of supplying multiple loads from multiple sources over an interconnected network of defined paths
Digital communication 1999-11-23