Maryland's Defense Patent Database

The defense community in Maryland is an R&D powerhouse. Use this database to see the innovative patents that are poised for commercialization.

Data is provided by DoD Naval labs in Southern Maryland. Database funding supported by the DoD Office of Economic Adjustment through a Defense Industry Adjustment grant program.

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Machine tools

Patent Title Field Issue Date
Patent Title Field Issue Date
Porous polymer supported polyoxometalates
Machine tools 2015-09-08
Fueldraulic actuator installation and removal tool
Machine tools 2015-08-18
Fabrication of 3-dimensional micro-assemblies
Machine tools 2015-03-17
Chain release apparatuses and methods
Machine tools 2015-03-17
Portable assembly of stackable drawers of rotating cylindrical rollers
Machine tools 2015-03-17
Winder for rectangular cross-section wire
Machine tools 2013-01-22
Offset force clamp
Machine tools 2011-04-19
Dovetail alignment and locking system
Machine tools 2010-10-12
Folding knife having locking portion, clip portion and unsharpened protrusion
Machine tools 2008-09-09
Deposition of thin films using an infrared laser
Machine tools 2006-02-14
Lockwire removal tool
Machine tools 2004-05-04
Manual die set for pressing explosive powder into hollow cylindrical pellets
Machine tools 2003-03-04
Chemical and biological warfare decontaminating solution using bleach activators
Machine tools 2002-04-09
Cable cutter
Machine tools 2002-02-26
Self-aligning manual die set for pressing explosive powder into pellets
Machine tools 2001-07-17
Ball lock mechanism
Machine tools 2000-11-28
Polishing of copper
Machine tools 2000-05-23
Wrench-to-bolt coupling assembly
Machine tools 1999-05-25