Maryland's Defense Patent Database

The defense community in Maryland is an R&D powerhouse. Use this database to see the innovative patents that are poised for commercialization.

Data is provided by DoD Naval labs in Southern Maryland. Database funding supported by the DoD Office of Economic Adjustment through a Defense Industry Adjustment grant program.

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Other consumer goods

Patent Title Field Issue Date
Patent Title Field Issue Date
Compressive beamforming
Other consumer goods 2016-01-05
System and method for depth determination of an impulse acoustic source by cepstral analysis
Other consumer goods 2012-09-11
Quick release fitting
Other consumer goods 2011-11-15
Image enhancer for detecting and identifying objects in turbid media
Other consumer goods 2011-10-25
Lightweight low frequency loudspeaker for active noise control
Other consumer goods 2003-09-02
Aircrew integrated recovery survival vest
Other consumer goods 2001-05-22