Maryland's Defense Patent Database

The defense community in Maryland is an R&D powerhouse. Use this database to see the innovative patents that are poised for commercialization.

Data is provided by DoD Naval labs in Southern Maryland. Database funding supported by the DoD Office of Economic Adjustment through a Defense Industry Adjustment grant program.

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Patent Title Field Issue Date
Patent Title Field Issue Date
Wide-band active antenna system for HF/VHF radio reception
Telecommunications 2015-12-29
System and method for suppression of even-order photodiode distortions
Telecommunications 2015-10-27
Deployable satellite reflector with a low passive intermodulation design
Telecommunications 2015-08-18
Method for mobile underwater acoustic communications
Telecommunications 2015-05-12
Modular wideband antenna array
Telecommunications 2015-04-07
Fixed and varactor-tuned bandstop filters with spurious suppression
Telecommunications 2014-12-16
Portable field antenna
Telecommunications 2014-12-02
Radio frequency conditioning unit
Telecommunications 2014-11-04
Mutual coupling based calibration technique for structurally deformed phased array apertures
Telecommunications 2014-09-23
Method and system for adaptive synchronization of timing information generated by independently clocked communication nodes
Telecommunications 2014-09-16
Broadband artificial dielectric with dynamically optical control
Telecommunications 2014-07-22
Wideband horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna
Telecommunications 2014-07-15
Network restoration under link or node failure using preconfigured virtual cycles
Telecommunications 2014-07-08
Transponder pool sizing in highly dynamic translucent WDM optical networks
Telecommunications 2014-05-06
Folded coaxial radio frequency mirror
Telecommunications 2014-05-06
Blast wave effects reduction system
Telecommunications 2014-02-11
Apparatus for radar target cloaking using polyhedral conducting mesh
Telecommunications 2014-02-04
Prioritizing resource utilization in multi-thread computing system
Telecommunications 2013-09-10
Apparatus and method for detecting defects in solid rocket motor propellant
Telecommunications 2013-09-03
Wavelength-scaled ultra-wideband antenna array
Telecommunications 2013-03-26
Active hybrids for antenna systems
Telecommunications 2013-03-19
Perturbed square ring slot antenna with reconfigurable polarization
Telecommunications 2013-02-12
Double balun dipole
Telecommunications 2013-01-08
Ultra-wideband antenna element and array
Telecommunications 2013-01-08
Dual-band dual-orthogonal-polarization antenna element
Telecommunications 2013-01-08
Frequency-agile frequency-selective variable attenuator
Telecommunications 2012-11-06
Network restoration under dual failures using path protecting preconfigured cycles
Telecommunications 2012-10-30
Network restoration under link or node failure using preconfigured virtual cycles
Telecommunications 2012-09-25
Even-order harmonic cancellation and increased RF gain using dual-output mach-zehnder modulator with two wavelength input
Telecommunications 2012-07-17
Conex box antenna mount
Telecommunications 2012-07-10
Artificial dielectric composites by a direct-write method
Telecommunications 2012-06-12
Waveguide amplifier in a sputtered film of erbium-doped gallium lanthanum sulfide glass
Telecommunications 2012-03-27
Linearized phase modulated analog optical links
Telecommunications 2012-01-24
Method and apparatus for photonic digital-to-analog conversion
Telecommunications 2011-08-30
Expandable signal calibration target
Telecommunications 2011-05-24
Proxy device for enhanced privacy in an RFID system
Telecommunications 2011-04-05
Means for low probability of interception/detection underwater acoustic communications
Telecommunications 2011-03-22
Optical bench fiber optic transmitter
Telecommunications 2010-12-14
System, method and apparatus for clustering features using an expansion shape
Telecommunications 2010-07-27
Adaptive control of multiplexed input buffer channels
Telecommunications 2010-06-01
System and method for transmitting analog signals with a modulating retroreflector and hybrid amplitude and frequency modulation
Telecommunications 2010-05-11
Carrier signal suppression and extraction system
Telecommunications 2010-03-02
Method of designing a low cost multibeam phased array antenna for communicating with geostationary satellites
Telecommunications 2010-02-02
Multi-junction waveguide circulator with overlapping quarter-wave transformers
Telecommunications 2009-07-14
Imaging radar method and system
Telecommunications 2009-05-19
Actively tunable electromagnetic metamaterial
Telecommunications 2009-04-28
Microwave-attenuating composite materials, methods for preparing the same, intermediates for preparing the same, devices containing the same, methods of preparing such a device, and methods of attenuating microwaves
Telecommunications 2009-04-28
Processor based frequency selective jamming and communications system
Telecommunications 2009-01-27
Correlation based decision-feedback equalizer for underwater acoustic communications
Telecommunications 2008-11-04
Portable receiver for radar detection
Telecommunications 2008-10-14
Ferroelectric transmitters for warhead design and battle damage assessment
Telecommunications 2008-10-14
Wireless communication network including directional and omni-directional communication links and related methods
Telecommunications 2008-02-19
Method and device for establishing communication links and handling unbalanced traffic loads in a communication system
Telecommunications 2007-12-04
Scale adaptive filtering
Telecommunications 2007-12-04
Bi-crystal heterostructure electronic isolator
Telecommunications 2007-08-07
Bridge terminal output unit
Telecommunications 2006-08-29
Hybrid bypass networks for low-loss cables and ripple filter chokes
Telecommunications 2006-08-15
Dual band superheterodyne receiver
Telecommunications 2006-04-11
Method and device for establishing communication links and for estimating overall quality of a directional link and reporting to OLSR in a communication system
Telecommunications 2006-04-11
Phase tracking multichannel link
Telecommunications 2006-04-04
Integrated maritime portable acoustic scoring and simulator control and improvements
Telecommunications 2006-02-07
Dielectric substrate with selectively controlled effective permittivity and loss tangent
Telecommunications 2006-01-31
Wireless communication network including data prioritization and packet reception error determination features and related methods
Telecommunications 2006-01-03
Method and device for establishing communication links with parallel scheduling operations in a communication system
Telecommunications 2004-10-12
Method and device for establishing communication links and handling SP slot connection collisions in a communication system
Telecommunications 2004-09-28
Optical image reject down converter
Telecommunications 2004-05-04
Sonobuoy deployment method
Telecommunications 2004-02-03
Transmit-receive switch apparatus and method
Telecommunications 2003-08-19
Magnetic ferrite microwave resonator frequency adjuster and tunable filter
Telecommunications 2002-12-31
RF surface wave attenuating dielectric coatings composed of conducting, high aspect ratio biologically-derived particles in a polymer matrix
Telecommunications 2002-09-17
High intensity directed light and sound crowd dispersion device
Telecommunications 2002-03-19
Telecommunications 2001-03-13
Modulating retroreflector using multiple quantum well technology
Telecommunications 2000-11-28
Electro-optical broadband microwave frequency shifter
Telecommunications 2000-03-28
Spinning focal plane array camera particularly suited for real time pattern recognition
Telecommunications 1999-11-23
Wavelength multiplexed, electro-optically controllable, fiber optic multi-tap delay line
Telecommunications 1999-06-29
Ship wake signature suppression
Telecommunications 1998-07-28