Maryland's Defense Patent Database

The defense community in Maryland is an R&D powerhouse. Use this database to see the innovative patents that are poised for commercialization.

Data is provided by DoD Naval labs in Southern Maryland. Database funding supported by the DoD Office of Economic Adjustment through a Defense Industry Adjustment grant program.

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Patent Title Field Issue Date
Patent Title Field Issue Date
Lightweight tool delivery system
Transport 2015-09-29
Actively controlled curvature robotic pectoral fin
Transport 2015-09-01
Actively controlled curvature robotic pectoral fin
Transport 2015-06-02
Optical orbital debris spotter
Transport 2015-03-10
Retention harness
Transport 2015-03-10
Airbag coolant releasing device and airbag device
Transport 2015-01-06
Folding articulating wing mechanism
Transport 2014-11-25
Water parachute for surface vessel motion impedance
Transport 2014-08-26
Dispenser pod
Transport 2014-07-29
System and method for maneuver plan for satellites flying in proximity using apocentral coordinate system
Transport 2014-07-01
Technique for de-orbiting small debris from the near-earth space environment
Transport 2013-11-12
Technique for de-orbiting small debris from the near-earth space environment
Transport 2013-06-25
High performance ‘X’-configuration airplane for storage and launch from a tubular container
Transport 2013-05-21
Method and system for establishment and maintenance of a global formation of directionally-fixed spacecraft without the use of expendable mass
Transport 2013-05-07
Apparatus to energetically remove a ballistic tolerant window
Transport 2012-07-31
Autophagous multifunction structure-power system
Transport 2012-03-27
Stop-rotor rotary wing aircraft
Transport 2011-12-06
Hinge apparatus with an actuatable assembly
Transport 2011-11-22
Human-portable remote control driving system
Transport 2011-11-08
Underwater surface cleaning vehicle for integrated cleaning and effluent treatment system
Transport 2011-07-05
Spherical armored mobile platform
Transport 2011-06-21
Underwater unmanned vehicle recovery system and method
Transport 2010-12-21
Convertible aerial vehicle with contra-rotating wing/rotors and twin tilting wing and propeller units
Transport 2010-02-23
Adaptable remote control driving system
Transport 2009-12-08
Electromagnetic pulse generator
Transport 2009-01-13
Unmanned aerial vehicle for logistical delivery
Transport 2006-06-13
Sea vessel retrieval of unmanned underwater vehicles
Transport 2006-04-11
Protective fendering system for off-shore cargo transferring surface ships
Transport 2003-07-15
Electronic firing circuit tester for gun mount
Transport 2003-05-13
Flight deck handling system for landed aircraft
Transport 2003-03-04
Actuator for an active transmission mount isolation system
Transport 2002-07-09
Neutralization chemical injection penetrator
Transport 2002-06-11
High altitude low flying platform hull
Transport 2002-06-04
Detonating cord stowage system
Transport 2001-12-04
Remote controlled payload delivery
Transport 2001-09-18
Orbit/covariance estimation and analysis (OCEAN) determination for satellites
Transport 2000-07-04
Inflatable, noncollapsible, personal flotation device
Transport 2000-05-23